Host a Ballerina Botanicals Spa Party!

Calling all spa loving Minnesotans...Girl's night in just got better!


 What’s more fun than taking a break to relax from your crazy schedules and doing face masks with your friends?! We’ll bring all of our organic skincare products to the comfort of your home for you and all of your guests to learn more about and ask questions. Everyone will get a free skincare consultation and choice of sampling one of our masks, our anti-aging 6-step facial care routine, or our body scrubs & body butters with a qualifying purchase.  If you want to learn more about putting high-quality organic products on your skin and getting rid of all the chemical-ridden skincare products, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. We would love to help you plan your perfect spa party!

A qualifying party is a host plus three or more guests with a total order of $200 or more to earn rewards and receive free shipping. Free shipping will be applied to the hosts order as well as any bonus credits based on how much is made in sales. 

Host Party Credits:

  • $200 in party sales = $20 free credit
  • $300 = $30 free credit
  • $500 = $50 free credit + $30 bonus credit!
  • $700 = $70 free credit + $50 bonus credit!
  • $1,000 = $100 free credit + $80 bonus credit!

Email for booking!


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